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SHENZHUANG GROUP has been awarded
SHENZHUANG GROUP has been awarded as "Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise in Guangdong Province" for 13 consecutive years "People can't stand still without trust, and businesses will not be prosperous without trust". Honesty a
Opening A New Horizon and A New Chapter to Make New Achievements 2020-09-07
Adhering to Reform and Innovation and Making Contributions with the Power of SHENZHUANG 2020-09-07
SHENZHUANG GROUP Won the Title 2020-09-07
Creating Value in the Struggle 2020-09-07
SHENZHUANG GROUP is listed as "Pioneer Enterprise of Innovation..” 2020-09-07
Good News: SHENZHUANG GROUP won 12 China Building Engineering Decoration Awards with Honor 2020-08-25
Good News|SHENZHUANG GROUP Ranked Sixth with Honor in the Released Comprehensive Data Statistical 2020-08-25
Live up to the Original Intention and Mission and Be Worthy of the Great Age 2019-09-20
Qiang Yi, Chairman of the Board of VIMG, Australia, Visited the Dongguan International Trade Center 2019-09-08
Freshmen Came to Hainan Eco-Wisdom New Town Rural Ecological School Built by SHENZHUANG GROUP 2019-09-04
Cultural Gene of SHENZHUANG GROUP 2019-08-26
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